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Holiday Gift Sets (5)
 Texasmadeprodux now offers holiday gift sets for that very special someone.

Christmas Candles (21)

Check out our HOLIDAY CANDLE line!!  Scents that will take you back to the fondest of holiday memories.

Spices (12)
3 Time World Champion BBQ Rubs, Seasonings, and Spices!

Buy any 4 spices and we will package it for you in a gift box for FREE!

Candles (16)
Texas Candles by Leslie Elizabeth are hand poured and triple-scented, so they will fill a whole room (or more!) with fragrance to delight your senses.

(Colors May Vary)

Limited Time Offer (17)
For a LIMITED TIME, Texas Made Produx is offering our "Kettle Candles".  These are 18oz. candles that are two wicked, and have a thin metal topper for the candle to help contain those fabulous scents.

(Colors will vary)

St. Patrick's Day Specials (1)
Feel the Luck of the Irish in this enticing aromatic St. Patrick's Day Candle.  You'll have the Leprachauns storming your door with hands full of clover and large pots of gold.
Valentines Day Candles (7)

The VALENTINES DAY candles are HERE!  Show her you love her, by giving her a custom hand poured candle that entices those intimate senses.

Coming Soon (0)
SUNSHINE Spice - Glows with bright, happy flavor for anything you grill and most veggies. Lemon and garlic balance very coarse black pepper and a green herb with NO MSG. Make your taste buds happy- let the SUNSHINE in!!!
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